Justin Raj

Art Direction and Graphic Design

In the first grade, my teacher called my parents to tell them I used up all the crayons in the classroom. I began my education in art and design that day, and I’ve never looked back since. After graduating from high school, I moved to the city to live in the wild. I attended OCAD, studied art and graphic design history, developed my creativity,¬†almost¬†dropped out, made a ton of work, and now I’m a graphic designer specializing in graphic design with social impact.

My practice is rooted in strategic thinking, focusing on collaboration and community building. I specialize in creative strategy and graphic design for social, environmental, and cultural initiatives. I create graphics and experiences that engage, inform and empower.

I’m available for work on a freelance basis. Interested in working together?

Let’s talk. justinseanraj@gmail.com